Andhra Pradesh

Known as "Kohinoor of India" offering Heritages , Culture , Beaches, Wildlife, Forests , Forts , Temples , Buddhist Sites , Lakes , Parks , Sancturies etc. To the east of Karnataka is the state of Andhra Pradesh, with its capital at Hyderabad, offering a well-stocked one-man museum. Visakhapatnam, the fourth-largest port, is 220km (350 miles) to the east.


Hyderabad, the capital of Andhra Pradesh was founded in the late 16th century by the Qutab Shahi dynasty, known for their beautiful monuments and mosques. Medieval Indian Saracenic. Mughal and Colonial architecture create richness rarely found in other parts of the country. It was laid out on a grid pattern with giant archways frequently punctuating the right-angled avenues, which are lined by double-storied, stone-built buildings, - shops below and houses above. And unlike most cities with a rich past, Hyderabad's architectural wonders are not dead ruins, but edifices still in use.


The city is a visitor's delight, with its beautiful beach, stretching endlessly against a backdrop of low hills, dotted with secluded coves and creeks - Lawson's Bay, Sun-n-Sea and the Ramakrishna Mission beaches are the most popular in the city. Near Lawson's Bay is Mount Kailash, a hillock, also known as Thomas' Folly, from which there is a panoramic view of the city. Down the coast is Rishikonda beach, ideal for surfing and swimming.

The 11th century Vishnu Temple on Simhachalam Hill is 16 kilometres from the city and worth a visit.


Vijayawada, also called as "Bezawada", is 257-km from Hyderabad and is located on the banks of the Krishna River, and is bounded by the Indrakiladri hills on the West and the Budameru River on the North. Situated along the Chennai- Howrah and Chennai-Delhi rail route, this is the largest railway junction of the South Central Railway. The city forms a part of the Krishna district, spread over an area of 58-sq- kms (urban area

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