Glimpses of Himalayas !

The Great Himalayas stand Extended to various parts of Sub continent including Nepal , where Mount Everest stands Towering on us. Such Mountain range is full of Wildlife for being densely forested with lush green glades , Crevices , gorges and Peaks , besides providing us the best possible ski slopes for winter sports activities. The jungles of such mountain range provide us a paradise for Birdwatchers. On top of this we have the highest motorable road , air base , Lakes and Gondola cable car project in the Himalayan range. The Mountains provide a heaven for dwelling of various Tribes men known as Gypsies. Scenic and virgin beauty is unsurpassed

Trek To Valley Of Flowers

The valley of flowers was discovered in 1931 by Frank Smythe, but in some circles belief is held that Richard Holdsworth, a botanist and member of Smythe's successful kamet Expedition was the real discoverer of the valley. Joan margeret legge went to the valley in 1939 to collect flowers, but unfortunately lost her life when she slipped from a rock whistle picking flowers. She had great love for the Himalayas and to remind one of her greatest love, inscribed on her marble tombstone are the following words :-

"I shall lift my eyes up to the Himalayas , from whence cometh my help" The best time to visit the valley is during the rains (Mid-July to Mid Aug) when it is an enchanting sight, It is a land ablaze with a bewildering variety of flowers fluttering in the gentle intermittent breeze which wafts their frangnance abroad, and set amidst majest majestic snowclad montains that stand in bold relief against the skyline. The valley of flowers is nearly 10 kms. In length , 2kms in width and concave in shape. It is divided by a stream called the pushpawati and several tiny storms waterfalls rush down from the glacier deposits to merge with it.A massive mountain called Ghoradhungi blocks the valley at one end.

Hemkund is a lake surrounded by seven snow covered peaks and their reflection in the bulish- green waters is a picture to behold. This lake is great pilgrimage place for the Sikhs and centre of international fame as the highest sikh temple in the world is here..

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