India as a Temptation

Every inch of the world has its own temptation and such offerings motivate people to travel across the continents one after the other. India being a large country too offers vast countless temptations in one way or the other depending on ones choice. The liking of Human Beings vary from person to person as some have fascination for beaches , Mountains ,Hill Stations, Sports activities, Marathons , Fun and Frolic , Flora and Fauna, Wildlife, Angling, Trekking, Pilgrimage Tourism and so on and so forth. Every country have its own tourism, But it is the commodities in the basket which matter a lot for tempting others to visit your place, Which in return yields positive economics benefits to enhance your pace of development.

India with its rich and varied Culture is known for its diverse landscapes and Climates. This variety between the Mountains , Plateaus and Plains and the climates of these regions ensure that the visitors can never complain of lack of choices. Indian Journey back into times immemorial , Various empires and Dynasties have ruled India. The Monuments created by them shower the magnificence and Glory of Art and architecture of those bygone Eras. The Monuments offer the first hand experience of those kings behind each monument is an underlying but definite sources of Mystery, Intrigue and Romance.

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