Odyssey of India

India has been a great country for travelers from times immemorial. Early travelers and many others like wise have had the opportunity of traveling to India and carrying along the impressions and after effects of their travel. India proved to be so motivating experience that they were forced to have their comments in the shape of there writings, every one praising the majestic grandeur of India.

It is a Natural phenomena that when any traveler travels a distant land he experiences every upcoming eventuality and thus leaves in his memory the greatest impact in respective of life style ,Communication System, Developmental achievements , Historical events , geographical situations , Geo Political and Socio economy and the environmental up keep and many other fascinations which he is bound to carry along with and this is what makes history. India is considered to be One of the acclaimed ten destinations for it has proved an odyssey for travelers in the past as well as during the present times. Thus the odyssey of India will certainly remain in continuance in the future times to come as per past practice. India bound by the great Himalaya in North, edged by a spectacular coastline surround by three seas. India is a vivid Kaleidoscope of Landscapes, Magnificent historical sites and Royal cities, Golden beaches, Misty Mountain retreats, a Colorful people, Rich Culture & Festivals.

India with its rich and varied Culture is known for its diverse landscapes and Climates. This variety between the Mountains , Plateaus and Plains and the climates of these regions ensure that the visitors can never complain of lack of choices. Indian Journey back into times immemorial , Various empires and Dynasties have ruled India. The Monuments created by them shower the magnificence and Glory of Art and architecture of those bygone Eras. The Monuments offer the first hand experience of those kings behind each monument is an underlying but definite sources of Mystery, Intrigue and Romance.

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