Welcome to India. We are sure you have decided the places to visit  here, if you haven't India is a land of destinations for every traveler and every place is an experience in itself. You'll explore the unseen every time you visit India with preset mindset or even without any. 


A Destination for Tourists of all Ages India is a large country, a sub-continent with a population of One Billion, divided into 28 states and 7 Union Territories .

Visit Northern India for Jammu & Kashmir an emerald valley, cradled in the Himalayas, under crystalline blue skies, and against the backdrop of snow capped mountains. Spend delightful holidays on the lakes with the shikaras and houseboats, trek the highest mountain peaks  in Ladakh or visit the shrines in Jammu; Delhi for the famous Taj Mahal (Agra) or Himachal Pradesh for picturesque valleys of Kullu and Kangra , Lahaul and Spiti the stunning lunar and scape-like beauty; Punjab for the Golden Temple; The Indian Colorful state Rajasthan for Camel ride in deserts.

Eastern  India for Tea and Coffee gardens in Assam, Buddhism Trails in  Bihar, Soul of India The Orissa, or the City of Joy the Kolkata (Calcutta) in West Bengal

Western  India for the Golden Gujarat, Exotic Beaches in Goa, Rare Sculptures in Khajuraho of Madhya Pradesh, or the Beauty of Ajanta & Ellora Caves in Aurangabad of Maharashtra.


South India for Historical Monuments in Andhra Pradesh, Carnatic Music & Dance of Karnataka, Gold's Own Country the Kerala for its Mangrove Beaches, Green, red and the blue of the ocean with numerous coconut trees, the Houseboats in Backwaters , Tourist's Paradise the state of Tamil Nadu to revel on the Marina beach or go cruising in the theme parks or let your mind rest in peace in the midst of magnificent-temples. You may walk through the living traditions and relive the timeless past.


Overall the Holidaying in India will appeal all your senses and you'll carry home happy memories that may last for the lifetime. Come to this land for a total traveling experience.


India with its rich and varied Culture is known for its diverse landscapes and Climates. This variety between the Mountains , Plateaus and Plains and the climates of these regions ensure that the visitors can never complain of lack of choices. Indian Journey back into times immemorial , Various empires and Dynasties have ruled India. The Monuments created by them shower the magnificence and Glory of Art and architecture of those bygone Eras. The Monuments offer the first hand experience of those kings behind each monument is an underlying but definite sources of Mystery, Intrigue and Romance.


Best Selling Destinations:

  • Kashmir

    The God has graced this city with such a beauty, that it is often called "Venice of the Orient". Situated amid clear lakes and lofty mountains makes it a valley of joy. The floating gardens of Dal Lake are the famous attraction of city. Enter a houseboat and you are instantly transported to another world.

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  • Kerala

    Green, red and the blue of the ocean with numerous coconut trees slash across the canvas with amazing regularity, Kerala is aptly called the "God's own Country".

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  • Ladakh

    The Landscape of Ladakh is adventurous, barren mountain. The altitude ranges from 9000ft to 24,000ft from Sea level. Hilltop monasteries and a colorful way of life make Ladakh one of the best living traditions of Tibetan Buddhism in the world today.

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  • Himachal

    Where spirituality adventure serenity abound, Himachal is bestowed with spirituality, temples, pilgrimage and adventure with Eco tourism. No wonder the beauty fascinates Visitors and Mystery of the region in it always have an everlasting appeal for those who venture in this region.

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  • Goa

    Econced on the slopes of the Western ghats (Sahyadri ranges), Goa is bounded on the North by Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra, on the East by Belgaum, on the South by Karwar Districts of Karnataka, and on the west by Arabian Sea..

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  • Rajasthan

    The land of Rajputs of olden times, the golden glow of desert landscape, the shimmering emerald water surrounding the medieval lakes, grand palaces, bustling bazaars, endless desert sands, teeming wild & bird life are as much a part of Rajasthan.

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