Rajasthan - Devine Desert Dune Destination !

The World itself is full of deserts and mighty India has also been bestowed with very large deserts including Hot and Cold. Thar desert in Rajasthan gives us a feeling of Sahara Deserts. The deserts are usually full of Oasis. During the day they provide burning heat but at nights these cool us with breeze all around when we are fatigued . The Camel Safari is a privilege in the deserts as Camel can go on without water for several days for being self reliant. We have deserts in the Himalayas as well especially Known as Cold deserts of Ladakh, Where One can enjoy Double Hump Camel ride.

Rajasthan, the land of the Kings, in India at its exotic and colourful best with its bettle-scarred forts, its palaces of breathtaking grandeur and whimsical charm, its riotous colours and even its romantic sense of pride and honour. The state is diagonally divided into the hilly and rugged south-eastern region and the barren north-western Thar desert, which extends across the border into Pakistan. There are also a number of centres which attract travellers from far and wide, such as Pushkar with its holy lake, and the desert city of Jaisalmer which resembles a fantasy from the The Thousand & One Nights. Rajasthan is one of India's prime tourist destinations. Nobody leaves here without priceless memories, a bundle of souvenirs, and an address book full of friends.

Rajasthan Tours Package:

  • Golden Triangle Tours

  • Wildlife Tour

  • Palace on Wheels Tours

  • Royal Orient

Rajasthan Festivals:
Pushkar Fair :: Desert Festivals :: Urs Fair :: Teej Fair :: Nagaur Fair :: Gangaur Fair

Rajasthan Wildlife:
Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary :: Bharatpur Wildlife Sanctuary :: Sawai Madhopur Wildlife Sanctuary :: Jaisalmer Wildlife Sanctuary :: Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary :: Jaisamand Sanctuary.

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