Spirits and Saints :

Spiritualism has been a very rich tradition of India, as India has remained ever since a multi religious state and thus majestic personalities were prompted to pay visits for meditations in the secluded areas of the country. During the ruin of famous Kings like Ashoks , Kanishka, Harishwardhana, Chandar Gupt Muriya etc. Saints and clergy men were accorded due respect and attained very high positions. The Lamas also found refuge in India. During the periods many note worthy spiritual personalities acclaimed recognition and in their honours various shrines / Temples Gonpas /Gurdwaras /Monasteries were built in there respective memories , where people continue to pay obeisance even till today and this process will continue till life is on this planet.

The Famous Himalayan range in its bosom provided ideal areas for meditation and thus proved an innovation for highly Spiritual Saints who kept on meditating in their capacity to achieve through self introspection the Spiritual power. Gods and Goddesses even found refuge for Meditation in the Himalayas / Shivalik Mountains / Kailash Mansorver , as is evident that most of the holy places/ Caves in memories of various Gods and Goddesses have been found in such ranges of Mountains where people throng in large numbers as a matter of religious fervor to pay their respective obeisance on and often which evinces that India as a whole has been generous enough in having world acclaimed Spiritual Giants , which we can boost upon. The Holy places thus provide a commanding consideration for all classes of people a sort of motivation towards religion.

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